Proud of Our History

Learn more about the development of the group; our global footprint, acquisitions, partnerships, scientific collaborations and innovations.

1929 Dr. Henri Beaufour creates Laboratoires Beaufour in Dreux (France) with a product derived from rosemary for the treatment of digestive disorders
1969 The Group opens its first R&D facility in Paris (France)
1970 The Group creates Laboratoires Ipsen (Institute of Synthetic Products from Natural Extraction).
1981 The Group opens its first R&D facility in Oxford (UK)
1983 The Group creates La Fondation Ipsen under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Its mission is to foster interactions between leading scientists in the field of life sciences.
1994 Ipsen acquires Speywood Pharmaceuticals Ltd of the UK
2005 Ipsen’s shares are listed on Euronext Paris
2008 Ipsen initiates a partnership with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (San Diego, USA) aimed at improving understanding of proliferative and degenerative diseases
2015 Ipsen opened its new peptide-driven R&D center in Cambridge (USA)
2015 Ipsen Canada opens its offices in Mississauga, Ontario, quickly establishing itself as one of the top 10 affiliates in the Ipsen Group
2017 Ipsen Canada becomes a member of Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC)
Last update 28/08/2018