Ipsen Canada

Patients Are Truly at Heart of Everything We Do.

At Ipsen Canada, our mission is to provide hope for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases and faced with limited options. We currently offer therapies to Canadians in the areas of oncology, neuroscience and rare diseases.

We take pride in our work – and know that what we do can have a direct and meaningful impact on people’s lives. That’s why we are committed to working with patients, for patients.


We Are Passionate About Innovation.

Why is innovation so important to us? Because we know that innovation will help us to find treatment options that will improve patients’ lives.

It’s the reason why at Ipsen Canada, we foster a culture of innovation. Investing in research in Canada is one way we are working to encourage innovation. Each day, we are engaging with leading physicians to understand and fill gaps in research. We are currently sponsoring research fellowships at leading hospitals, as well as forging partnerships with prominent Canadian universities.

Innovation doesn’t just happen in the lab. It happens at the bedside and with caregivers. We strive to listen generously, and to develop strong relationships with patient advocacy groups across Canada. At every opportunity, we engage these groups right from the start.

Ipsen Canada is also a member of Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC), and Toronto Life Sciences… and we share their mission of ensuring Canadians have access to important treatments.


The Mindset of a Start-up with The Resources of a Global Company.

With a team of 60 and growing, our Canadian operations keep the fast pace of a biotech start-up. In fact, we are one of the fastest-growing affiliates in the Ipsen Group network. In a highly collaborative environment of sharing best practices, we believe that every person on our staff is important to us, and that their ideas and insights are critical to our success. We are driven by accountability to customers and patients, and we strive for operational excellence and innovation.
Our team works closely with our corporate headquarters in North America and global headquarters in France. These ties enable us to have a global perspective.


At every meeting we have, every clinical trial we conduct, every grant we support – we ask ourselves, “Will this help meet patient needs?”

Last update 14/09/2018