Ipsen Group


Just the Facts:
A Closer Look at Ipsen Group

A Global Presence

  • Ipsen Group sells more than 20 products in over 115 countries worldwide.
  • We have a direct commercial presence in over 30 countries – including Canada!
  • Ipsen has three global hubs and its research and development activities are located at the heart of the world’s leading biotechnological and life sciences hubs:
    • Paris-Saclay, France
    • Oxford, UK
    • Cambridge, US


A Commitment to Urgent Needs and Rare Conditions

  • Ipsen develops and commercializes innovative medicines in three key therapeutic areas:
    • Oncology
    • Neuroscience
    • Rare Diseases
  • Ipsen Group also has a well-established Consumer Healthcare business.


Why R&D Matters

  • At Ipsen, our R&D strategy is critical in helping us meet our end goal of bringing innovative medicines to market as quickly as possible to address unmet patient needs in the areas of Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases.
  • How will we do this?
    • By integrating our core R&D functions of Pharmaceutical Development and Global Medical Affairs to build a professional organization, which will lead the scientific and medical strategy for Ipsen.
    • By implementing an External Innovation Sourcing Model, which will enable us to access more opportunities and position ourselves as the partner of choice. This strategy is enabled by empowered, high-performing global project teams that include pharmaceutical development, non-clinical, clinical, digital and regulatory strategies to accelerate Ipsen’s development plans.


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Last update 12/09/2018