Strategic Vision

Focusing on three core areas – Oncology, Neuroscience, and Rare Diseases – we are bringing important treatments to Canadians where there is a significant unmet need.


A Strategy for Growth

We focus on three core areas – oncology, neuroscience and rare diseases – that allows us to establish a leadership position and leverage expertise that goes from drug development to commercialization. Our approach to the development and commercialization of therapies involves working closely with like-minded industry partners who have promising products, but who may not have the resources or deep knowledge of the therapeutic area necessary to bring them to market. This allows us to bring treatments to Canadian patients in disease areas where there is a significant need for more options.

To ensure our sustainable, meaningful growth, we foster a culture of innovation to find treatment options that will help improve patients’ lives. Our bold promise is to deliver at least one new therapy or meaningful new indication each year across our core focus areas of oncology, neuroscience and rare diseases. Investing in research will be key to our growth in Canada; this includes engaging with leading researchers and physicians to understand current gaps; as well as funding research fellowships and forging partnerships with prominent universities.

Last update 03/08/2018