Ipsen Canada Careers

Patients are at the heart of what we do, and our employees are at the heart of making it happen.


What does working at Ipsen Canada mean?

It means pursuing your passion to make a difference in the lives of patients, by being part of a team that delivers critical therapies for rare or difficult to treat diseases, and in cases where options can be limited.
It means embracing innovation, so that we can continue to deliver breakthrough solutions and life-changing products to patients year in, year out.
It means partnering with the right people and believing in the power of research and development. Working with the best and brightest in the country, and around the world, is the only way we will succeed. We are big believers in investing in research and development – right here in Canada!
It means having a nimble startup mindset and a global outlook. We combine the strengths of both a large and small-scale approach to operations. Every country is unique, and Canada is no different. We draw on our strong local understanding of patient needs and have the insights and experience of our global partners.
Working at Ipsen Canada means making things happen in a collaborative environment, where every employee is valued for their contributions, and where diversity, creativity and continuous learning are key to driving success. We’re motivated by accountability to our patients and customers, and we always strive for operational excellence and innovation.
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Last update 06/09/2018