Corporate Citizenship

Giving back to the communities in which we live is vitally important to Ipsen Canada. We are proud to partner with local and national organizations to make our communities even better places to live.


Empowering Our Employees to Spark Change…with Ipsen Gives Back

In partnership with our US affiliate, Ipsen Canada has Introduced a new Ipsen North America Employee Matching Gifts Program called “Ipsen Gives Back.”

  • Ipsen Gives Back will be a new way to recognize the unique passions of each employee, highlighting what matters the most: giving back to our community
  • Ipsen Gives Back provides employees with a centralized place to track and donate to the charitable cause(s) of their choice, and easily retrieve that information for tax purposes.
  • This new initiative is designed to elevate a shared sense of purpose and pride in being a member of the Ipsen team, and to work for a company that truly believes in corporate citizenship


Fostering Hope Among Stroke Survivors and Caregivers: March of Dimes + Ipsen Canada

  • Ipsen Canada is taking a leadership role in stroke recovery at home and in the community by partnering with March of Dimes Canada to expand the Peers Fostering Hope program.
  • This program pairs local stroke survivors with trained volunteers who can provide comfort and support to improve recovery, reduce feelings of isolation and create hope that life can, and will, return to normal.



We are committed to supporting patients living with the after-effects of stroke and their caregivers from the beginning of their journey and throughout their recovery process. Our support of the Peers Fostering Hope program reflects that commitment, as it has enabled the program to expand beyond the 14 acute-care and rehabilitation hospitals it already serves in the Greater Toronto Area.

Paul Reider, General Manager, Ipsen Canada


For more details on the program, visit The March of Dimes


Enriching Research Efforts for Canadians with Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is the 10th most common occurring cancer among Canadians. Ipsen Canada is pleased to support the ongoing efforts of researchers seeking to answer important questions about kidney cancer, with a donation to The Canadian Kidney Cancer Information System (CKCis).


imageThe CKCis is an access-restricted website where data on kidney cancer patients is collected from across Canada. This information is used by Canadian health specialists in their research efforts to refine and improve treatment and management of kidney cancer.

Last update 03/08/2018