About Ipsen Cares

IPSEN CARES® is here to help simplify interactions between you, your insurance company and your doctor’s office. With a wide range of valuable services, IPSEN CARES helps support your treatment process every step of the way.

Here to Help. Here to Care.

Our Services

Here’s how IPSEN CARES can help eligible patients:

  • Gain access to the prescribed medications that are important to your care and all related services, lessening the burden and stress of finding resources on your own
  • Receive support from a professional health care support team comprised of a Nurse Case Manager, Reimbursement Specialists and Field Nurses who can help:
    • Navigate reimbursement and provide financial assistance for eligible patients
    • Co-ordinate injection training in the clinic or at home for eligible patients and/or caregivers
    • Avoid delays or interruptions to therapy


Why consider IPSEN CARES?

    1. One Point of Contact. IPSEN CARES serves as a centralized point of contact between you, your doctor’s office, your insurance company and your specialty pharmacy (when appropriate).
    2. Ongoing Support and Information. IPSEN CARES interacts with these different parties to get you started on therapy and to offer ongoing support throughout the treatment process.


We’re ready when you are. Speak to your healthcare professional to decide if IPSEN CARES is right for you, and to get enrollment started.

Telephone : 1.855.215.2288


Web site : http://www.ipsencares.ca/


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IPSEN CARES is a patient support program offered by Ipsen

Patient Eligibility will be determined by the IPSEN CARES Program at time of enrolment and is based on household income reported to the Canada Revenue Agency and is subject to audit. Ipsen may at any time and without advance notice modify the services provided by the Program, modify the eligibility requirements to obtain such services, discontinue the Program in whole or in part and/or terminate assistance provided under the Program.
Patient authorization and consent extends to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information and personal health information referred to above for the purposes described in this Program Enrollment and Consent Form, in accordance with the Program’s Privacy Policy (a copy of which can be obtained by calling the IPSEN Cares program) and as required or permitted by law.
You understand that you have the right to revoke your consent at any time by contacting the Program at 1 855 215 2288. However, you understand that personal information and/or personal health information about you already collected and/or disclosed will be retained. You also understand that if you revoke your consent you thereby withdraw from the Program and will no longer be entitled to the services offered by the Program.

*See (http://www.ipsencares.ca/privacy-policy.htm) for full eligibility rules, terms and conditions

Last update 14/09/2018